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Volunteering is one hidden danger we never think of.

Why is volunteering one hidden danger we never think of?

We sit on a committee to run a charity race – a 5k. Someone gets seriously injured or has a medical emergency during the run. You as a committee member could be held responsible for that injury.

The injured party sees their attorney, the attorney sends letters out to all parties involved. The charity. The board. The race committee. They want to find out who was involved in this race.

If the charity carry’s no Directors & Officers insurance (D&O), then every person stands on their own for defense.

I’ve seen it happen. Not often but it does.

Personal Umbrella insurance is for just an incident like this one. Comes to your defense.

Personal Umbrella insurance isn’t just for your home & auto. It’s for the board you sit on. It’s for the kids you babysit in your home. It’s for the kids you drive to baseball practice.

Personal Umbrella insurance covers you for the many aspects of our lives. You may need one.

By Tom Larsen



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4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

 4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Hi, Tom Larsen from The Larsen Insurance Agency and I wanted to inform you of the types of people who should have a personal umbrella policy.
The 1st type is soccer/Little League/Lacrosse Mom’s (and Dad’s) who drive not only their kids but the teammates to practice & games. I’ve seen some ugly situations show up in the past, where little Jimmy’s dad brought suit against Timmy’s family due to an auto accident. (more…)