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Three Things You Need to Know About Insurance

Protecting Your Home: Three Things You Need to Know About Insurance Are you a new home buyer looking to insure your life-changing purchase? Or are you a long-time resident shopping around for a better insurance fit? Either way, homeowner’s insurance can be a complicated business. You’re sure to have many questions, and it’s better to ask them all up front before being saddled with a policy that really doesn’t suit your circumstances. (more…)

4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

 4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Hi, Tom Larsen from The Larsen Insurance Agency and I wanted to inform you of the types of people who should have a personal umbrella policy.
The 1st type is soccer/Little League/Lacrosse Mom’s (and Dad’s) who drive not only their kids but the teammates to practice & games. I’ve seen some ugly situations show up in the past, where little Jimmy’s dad brought suit against Timmy’s family due to an auto accident. (more…)

Motorcycle’s & Boats can be added to an Umbrella Insurance Policy.

Those toys you own – motorcycle’s and boats can be added to an Umbrella Policy.

With this unbelievable early spring, we are seeing a rise in motorcycle accidents. Lots of times these motorcycle accidents can lead to a fatality, in which in my area has been 2 in 3 days.

Umbrella Insurance is especially important if you own a motorcycle or boat and can be added to the umbrella insurance.

boat insurance

Add boats to an umbrella insurance policy

With a boat, injuries occur from either horsing around, not paying attention or too much alcohol involved. These usually are not as severe an injury as a motorcycle would be but the potential is there.

Boat insurance should be purchased 1st, then add your boat onto an umbrella insurance policy.

This would give you and your family an added $1,000,000 protection over and above your boat insurance.




Motorcycle’s need to have their own insurance too before it can be added to an umbrella insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

With motorcycle’s, more severe injuries occur because people get thrown off their bikes. Anytime someone gets thrown from a bike, broken bones, cuts, bruises and other injuries occur.

Motorcycles and boats are 2 good reasons to add an umbrella insurance policy.

So if you like these kind of toys (and who doesn’t), this gives all the more reason to add an umbrella insurance policy to your insurance

By Tom Larsen

Umbrella Insurance protects everything you own.

Umbrella Insurance might be for you – because we don’t live in a perfect world and lawsuits do happen, a personal umbrella policy may be what you need.

You sit on boards of directors or do volunteer work or drive around other kids to practice. (more…)