Umbrella Insurance protects everything you own.

Umbrella Insurance might be for you – because we don’t live in a perfect world and lawsuits do happen, a personal umbrella policy may be what you need.

You sit on boards of directors or do volunteer work or drive around other kids to practice.

All good reason’s to have a Personal Umbrella Policy.


This Umbrella goes over everything you own.

Because we don’t know when that motorcyclist will pull out in front of us, or that lady trying to make the light after it has turned red.

Or you own a boat and entertain on it too.

Personal Umbrella Insurance would protect you each time.

I personally have an inground pool and a dog, 2 more reason’s to add additional liability protection.

Maybe you have jetski’s, a boat, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, a motorcycle…all reasons why you should consider a umbrella insurance policy.

Nice houses, nice cars and money in the bank…all the more reason to spend $150-$250 a year for extra protection.

 Umbrella Insurance РBuy it BEFORE you need it.

By Tom Larsen

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