Injury to a Contractor Working on Your Home.

Injury to a Contractor Working on Your Home.

The scenerio is you need a new roof put on your home. After 3 bids you choose and select one to replace your roof. The day comes to start the work, which will take 2 days to complete, with a crew of 8 worker’s.

As UNLUCK would have it, one of the worker’s falls off the roof and injures his neck & back. He cannot sue his employer, as that is 1st party injury and covered by worker’s compensation. But guess who is a 3rd party to this work and thus can be held liable – YOU!

This is why it is important to have a personal umbrella policy. This added layer of liability protection goes OVER your home owner insurance policy. This $1,000,000 of added protection would go a long way in protecting you in the above case.

Roof replacement on your own home

Replacing your roof

So knowing your risks ahead of time, would help protect you in many ways.

Having good insurance is part of that.

You need a good insurance agent on your team.

By Tom Larsen

Umbrella Insurance protects everything you own.

Umbrella Insurance might be for you – because we don’t live in a perfect world and lawsuits do happen, a personal umbrella policy may be what you need.

You sit on boards of directors or do volunteer work or drive around other kids to practice. (more…)