4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

 4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Hi, Tom Larsen from The Larsen Insurance Agency and I wanted to inform you of the types of people who should have a personal umbrella policy.
The 1st type is soccer/Little League/Lacrosse Mom’s (and Dad’s) who drive not only their kids but the teammates to practice & games. I’ve seen some ugly situations show up in the past, where little Jimmy’s dad brought suit against Timmy’s family due to an auto accident.
We think nothing of helping out our friends, neighbors or the kids friends when doing these “favors”. But favors can turn ugly if there is any situation like an accident involved.

 4 People Who Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

personal umbrella policy would go over the sub-limits on an auto insurance policy. So if Timmy’s mom & dad had this coverage, they’d likely have $300,000 coverage on the auto policy portion and then an additional $1,000,000 over and above that on the personal umbrella insurance policy.

So this is one instance where a personal umbrella policy can come in handy.

Tomorrow I’ll send you Part 2 of who else should have a personal umbrella policy.

Til then – take care.
Tom Larsen
The Larsen Protection Team
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